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Informing drug discovery: a systematic review of POLG-related disease models

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posted on 2023-05-04, 11:27 authored by Jonathan James MeyrickJonathan James Meyrick, Renae StefanettiRenae Stefanetti, Linda Errington, Robert Mcfarland, Grainne GormanGrainne Gorman, Nichola Lax

Briefing. Overview of how the risk of bias was assessed

Supplementary Table 1. PRISMA checklist

Supplementary Figure 1. PRISMA flow diagram

Supplementary Table 2. Search strategy 

Supplementary Table 3. Detailed article inclusion/exclusion criteria

Supplementary Table 4. Excluded full text articles 

Supplementary Table 5. Data extracted from all included articles.

Supplementary Table 6A. The criteria for assessing reporting quality of each article.

Supplementary Table 6B. The assessment of the reporting quality of each article.

Supplementary Table 6C. The summarised Assessment of the reporting quality of each article.

Supplementary Table 6D. The assessment of risk of bias for each model system.

Updated versions are due to changes made during the review stages to ensure clarity of reporting.


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