DOM FIGURE S1 Supplementary data for studies in Figure 3.

2020-06-25T09:35:23Z (GMT) by Brian Ford Loranne Agius

A,B. Body weights of the 1-wk study (Fig. 3A-D). C. Body weights for the 4-week and 8-week study (Fig. 3E-L). D. Liver gene expression of 1-wk treatment with PF-04991532. E-G. Plasma insulin of drug tolerance test of 4-8 week study; H-L, blood glucose for drug tolerance test (DTT). Pre-DTT = time 0; Post-DTT = 120 min. Means ± SEM for N=12 (C,E,F,H,I) or N=6 (A,B,D,G,J). *P<0.05 vs respective control (5G), # P<0.05 vs respective untreated (0 mg/kg).