PLEXUS @ NGIF - Field and laboratory measurements

Published on 2020-09-10T16:55:04Z (GMT) by Anil Yildiz
This collection consists of datasets from the project Priming Laboratory EXperiments on infrastructure and Urban Systems (PLEXUS). A lysimeter setup was built at the National Green Infrastructure Facility to test the feasibility of combining shallow ground heat exchangers with sustainable drainage systems.<br><br>Data shared in this collections has been presented in Yildiz and Stirling (2020)<br><br>Yildiz, A. and Stirling, R. 2020. Thermo-hydrological behaviour of green infrastructure: a comparative field and laboratory study. <i>Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment</i>. (<i>under review</i>).

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Yildiz, Anil; Stirling, Ross (2020): PLEXUS @ NGIF - Field and laboratory measurements. Newcastle University. Collection.