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Dense pulses formed from fissioning internal waves

Posted on 2022-09-15 - 12:44 authored by Samuel Hartharn-Evans

Data from The behaviour of dense pulses formed from fissioning internal waves study published in Environmental Fluid Mechanics. This combined numerical/laboratory study investigated the effect of stratification form on the shoaling characteristics of internal solitary waves propagating over a smooth, linear, gentle, topographic slope representative of ocean slopes. In the thin tanh stratification, good agreement is seen with past studies, whilst the dynamics observed in the surface stratification are very similar to those in the thin tanh stratification. However, in the broad tanh stratification, due to the different form of incident waves, the fission dynamics differ, but produce pulses similar in form to those produced by fission in the other stratifications. Pulse amplitude, wavelength and propagation velocity are found to strongly depend on incident wave amplitude, and each degenerate linearly as the pulse propagates upslope.


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