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Consolidated Geothermal Database UK (CGD-UK)

Posted on 2023-04-08 - 17:05 authored by Mark Ireland

Heat flow variations are vital to understanding the distribution of temperature in the upper crust. Reliably and systematically estimating heat flow in the upper crust requires temperature and thermal conductivity measurements. 

Here a relational database for the United Kingdom is presented, with comprehensive metadata and a consistently formatted linked structure to enable the repeatable and reliable modeling of heat flow. The database is structured as a series of comma-separated values (CSV) files with a master table providing an index of individual borehole records. 

Temperature and thermal conductivity data are compiled for individual boreholes with a CSV for each data type made for each borehole. The database is currently populated with data from onshore the UK. The database serves as the only compressive digital dataset with an open license for temperature and thermal conductivity in the UK. It provides the foundation for the development of single database for temperature, conductivity and ultimately heat flow data in the UK, all linked to a stable digital object identifier (DOI).

To register additional data for inclusion within the CGD-UK, to report any corrections or to provide feedback, please use the following link:


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