Active Vibration Control with Hardware in the Loop

Posted on 2023-01-24 - 11:52 authored by Jack Hale

The collection contains files relating to an active vibration control (AVC) method using hardware in the loop to eliminate the need for a mathematical model of the controlled structure.

The controller is a tapped delay line (TDL) running on an Arduino Due microcontroller, using TDL tap coefficients provided by a supervision program running on a PC.

The Matlab supervision progam incorporates a genetic algorithm, with the TDL tap coefficients forming the "genes".  The effectiveness of each gene set is obtaiined from the controlled vibration level, returned by the Arduino to the PC, from which the GA breeds progressively more effective gene sets and so gradually "evolves" an optimal gene set over a number of generations.

The Excel spreadsheet gives a record of the GA run over 250 generations.  The spreadsheet layout is explained in the README file.


Hale, Jack (2023): Active Vibration Control with Hardware in the Loop. Newcastle University. Collection.
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