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A new approach to understanding fluid mixing in process-study models

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Data for "A new approach to understanding fluid mixing in process-study models of
stratified fluids" 

USP (User-controlled Scatter plots), or joint probability plots tell us where two variables overlap, so we can find out if, when and where we get combinations of two variables. The code and data supplied relates to the paper/chapter introducing these plots, consisting of:

  1. SPINS_USP code: This code is for the computation of USP in MATLAB of SPINS (Spectral Parallel Incompressible Navier Stokes solver) numerical model outputs.
  2. Cold shear instability USP: MATLAB data files containing USP computed for cold shear instability cases presented, including passive dye cases. 
  3. Shoaling Internal Solitary Wave USP Files: MATLAB data files containing USP computed for shoaling internal solitary wave cases presented. 
  4. Cold Shear Instability Simulation parameters and code: Configuration-specific SPINS codes (casefiles) (cold_kh.cpp and cold_kh_dye.cpp) for the cold shear and cold shear with passive tracer cases.

Note, simulation parameters and code for the shoaling internal wave cases can be found in the corresponding studies data repositories (here and here)


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