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  • Understanding and Designing Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters: Beyond the Energy Gap Approximation
  • Triazatruxene: A Rigid Central Donor Unit for a D–A3Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Material Exhibiting Sub-Microsecond Reverse Intersystem Crossing and Unity Quantum Yield via Multiple Singlet–Triplet State Pairs
  • Directionality of double-bond photoisomerization dynamics induced by a single stereogenic center
  • Quantum chemical interpretation of ultrafast luminescence decay and intersystem crossings in rhenium(I) carbonyl bipyridine complexes
  • Spin-Vibronic Quantum Dynamics for Ultrafast Excited-State Processes
  • Exploring the Mechanism of Ultrafast Intersystem Crossing in Rhenium(I) Carbonyl Bipyridine Halide Complexes: Key Vibrational Modes and Spin-Vibronic Quantum Dynamics
  • Understanding the potential for efficient triplet harvesting with hot excitons
  • Hydrostatic Pressure-Induced Spectral Variation of Reichardt’s Dye: A Polarity/Pressure Dual Indicator
  • Competition between the Heavy Atom Effect and Vibronic Coupling in Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Organometallics
  • The intersystem crossing of a cyclic (alkyl)(amino) carbene gold (i) complex
  • Covalency and chemical bonding in transition metal complexes: An ab initio based ligand field perspective
  • Structural Properties and UV-Visible Absorption Spectroscopy of Retinal-pyridyl-CN Re(I) Carbonyl Bipyridine Complex: A Theoretical Study
  • Vibrational coherences in manganese single-molecule magnets after ultrafast photoexcitation
  • Vibrational Coherences in Manganese Single-molecule Magnets after Ultrafast Photoexcitation
  • Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Dynamics for Triplet Harvesting in Organic Molecules
  • On the geometry dependence of tuned‐range separated hybrid functionals
  • D–A3 TADF emitters: the role of the density of states for achieving faster triplet harvesting rates
  • Open questions on the photophysics of thermally activated delayed fluorescence
  • A quantum dynamics study of the hyperfluorescence mechanism
  • A Computational-Experimental Approach to Unravel the Excited State Landscape in Heavy-Atom Free BODIPY-Related Dyes
  • Recent progress and application of computational chemistry to understand inorganic photochemistry
  • Rapid predictions of the colour purity of luminescent organic molecules
  • Photoinduced Jahn-Teller switch in Mn(III) terpyridine complexes
  • Excited-State Lifetime Modulation by Twisted and Tilted Molecular Design in Carbene-Metal-Amide Photoemitters
  • On the factors influencing the chiroptical response of conjugated polymer thin films

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