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iSLUG - Identification of Steady Slug Flow Characteristics

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iSLUG is an in-house numerical tool for predicting steady-state slug liquid-gas flows traveling through a pipeline/riser with variable inclination. This tool has been developed by the team at Newcastle University as part of the MUFFINS project funded by UKRI EPSRC.

iSLUG is an executable file. User should verify that at least Version 9.5 (R2018b) of the MATLAB Runtime is installed. If not, user may run the file 'iSLUG_Installer_Web' for downloading online and installing the Windows version of the MATLAB runtime. During the installation, it is recommended to create a shortcut for running iSLUG. Any figure created by iSLUG will be saved in a folder where this shortcut is created and directly run.


EPSRC Grant EP/P033148/1



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