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Single Population MET Model

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posted on 2023-04-05, 10:15 authored by Jordan Reece DayJordan Reece Day

Python code for simulation of a single population microbial electrochemical technology pilot-scale reactor. contains the domain information to simulate a pilot-scale MET system with a single bacterial species and a single substrate. 

The preamble contains all variables which can be altered to adjust geometry size, retention times and simulation length. 

All electrochemical variables are specified and consistent with the model defined in 

Python scripts in this repo:

1) - Python functions and classes for simulation of MET

2) - Main Python script for simulation of a single population single substrate MET system

3) - Custom plotting functions

4) - Fluid solving algorithm returning the steady state solution

A folder name "Output" should be created in the same directory as the main Python file.

Create a folder names "Velocity" inside this output folder in order to save velocity files in the correct location.

The GitHub repo has an updated version until this is updated on data.ncl.


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