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2D fluid solver for MET layouts

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posted on 2023-03-10, 12:39 authored by Jordan Reece DayJordan Reece Day

Python code for calculating flow streamlines in a two-dimensional geometry. This implements an RK4 algorithm and will simulate until a quasi-steady state is reached. This solver will only return the steady state velocity field x and y components (UX, UY).

There are two reactor geometries considered for MET (Microbial electrochemical technologies).

"" is a domain setup file, that outlines reactor geometry and fluid retention time.

"" will load detains from Domain_config and return the flow profiles steady state condition.

"" Contains functions to easily plot stream and contour plots for consistency.

"" is the bulk of the fluid solver and where the time-stepping is conducted.

Issues may arise if resolution, dx, or dy are to small. Modify resolution or domain size if this occurs.


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