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What is Physiology? Interviews

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posted on 2022-11-25, 08:33 authored by Harley Stevenson-CocksHarley Stevenson-Cocks

Our Physiology Friday research-informed activities in 2021 centred around the philosophical question "What is Physiology?" in which we sought perspectives from both physiologists at the university, and non-scientists in the general public, when considering this question.

The outcomes have been revealing and interesting and have inspired us to continue with a 'live' project exploring this crucial philosophical and research-relevant topic. Here, share recordings of these student-led interviews, which we'll be adding to over time, including those with internationally renowned visiting researchers. At times we'll also be "turning the tables" and interviewing our students themselves, too.

To read more about our Physiology Friday 2021 activities, be sure to check out our separate link (https://doi.org/10.25405/data.ncl.19208340).

For Physiology Friday 2022, we broadened our horizons and were delighted to record student-led interviews with colleagues at the University of Leeds and Manchester as well.