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Video of the CityCAT simulation of Gore Glen, west of Gorebridge (Midlothian, Scotland, UK).

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posted on 2023-06-19, 10:27 authored by Stephen BirkinshawStephen Birkinshaw


Video showing the CityCAT hydrodynamic model simulation of water levels in the Gore Glen pond and the Gore Water for a 1 in 100 year rainfall event. The pond is within the area of Gore Glen Country Park managed by the Midlothian Ranger Service (Fig. 1).  The video shows the reconnection between the pond and the river under this extreme event.  

The video is supplementary material for the following journal article:

Krivtsov, V; Buckman, J; Birkinshaw, S and Olive, V. (2023) Interactions of hydrology, geochemistry, and biodiversity in woodland.  Environmental Science and Pollution Research.


Data collection for this study was, in part, supported by the EPSRC funding for the ‘Urban Flood Resilience’ project (grants EP/P004180/1 and EP/P003982/1) and by RBGE core funding


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