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Trayford 2023 STRAUSS ICAD examples

posted on 2023-03-14, 12:36 authored by Christopher HarrisonChristopher Harrison

This contains the associated audio-visual files for: "Introducing STRAUSS: A flexible sonification python package" by J. Trayford and C. Harrison, which will appear in the ICAD Proceedings 2023. https://icad.org/proceedings/ 

There are 9 audio-visual files, which are the example applications of the STRAUSS code (https://github.com/james-trayford/strauss), as described in that work. They represent several possibilies for turning data into sound ('sonification) using the STRAUSS code. This includes visualisations and 'sonification' of a galaxy spectrum, data on galaxies from a cosmological simulation and the stars in the night sky. 

A description of the 9 files, include the basic methodology is described in the attached REAME.txt file with this data release, but we refer to the primary publication for full details. 


Resolving How Black Holes Influence Galaxy Evolution

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