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Stars Appearing Above ESO's Very Large Telescope - Sonification (Audio Universe)

Version 2 2021-11-16, 11:13
Version 1 2021-11-11, 12:21
posted on 2021-11-16, 11:13 authored by Christopher HarrisonChristopher Harrison
This is an audio representation of the stars appearing about the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile on the night of 13th September 2019. The sounds hear represent each star (brightest appear first) and the pitch of the sound represents the colour of the star (B-V magnitues). Time has been sped up so that sunset until full darkness is heard in just over a minute. The brightest stars (based on V-band magnitude) are heard first and the faintest stars later in the sequence.

The sonification was produced using the code 'STRAUSS' (Trayford et al., in prep), which is available on github:

It was produced for the show Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System (

A stereo and a 5.1 version of the soundtrack are provided.

UPDATE: We note that original version of this sonification that is used in the full show of Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System used a slight inaccurate mapping of star colour to musical pitch. The new version now provided *_v2* has been updated with an accurate mapping according to the Python notebook in the github code.

Credit: J. Trayford (University of Portsmouth), C. Harrison (Newcastle University) and M. Jarvis (ESO).


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