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PIP Kit Source Materials v1 v28 Mar 2020
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Pictorial representation of the three modes of use


Description and information on materials for digital
camera wrap and wooden enclosure box

Also needed: Digital camera
Thin A4 card (e.g. 160gsm)
Use of colour printer
Use of laser cutter
Clear adhesive tape
Camera wrap design file (see below)

3mm plywood (e.g. birch)
15 and 30mm thick pick and pluck foam
5mm neoprene foam
Craft knife
PVA glue
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
Elastic cord
Enclosure design file (see below)

Source design file for printed and laser cut digital
camera wrap

Source design file for laser cut plywood enclosure


Materials for each function:
1. Supporting Information for Appointment
2. Daily Diary Record-Keeping Modules
3. Photographic Evidence Gathering
4. Reminders
Additional Materials (information cards)

Also needed: Coloured A4 card
White A4 paper
Self-adhesive label sheets
Use of a ink/laser printer
Hole punch
Treasury tags (or other binder)
Self-adhesive coloured dots
Alternative enclosures
Online forms service
URL shortener service