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Sounds of Walking Chapter 4.2.6 seven days in June sound work mp3 file

posted on 2024-02-27, 16:22 authored by Martin Paul EcclesMartin Paul Eccles

In June 2019 I spent just over a week around the Alaskan city of Nome on the Seward Peninsula. On each of seven consecutive days I made and recorded one walk. As with begin to hear this piece took an extended view of place. Each walk was across land that was socio-culturally coherent, being based in the locale of the Inupiat peoples. I wrote a series of poems for each walk (based on contemporaneous notes). For this two-hour stereo radio show, the composition was of sequential 17-minute sections of each walk which formed the basis of a stereo mixdown. The composition also featured a radio intro and outro and a recording of me reading the haibun; my reading of the text of the haibun appeared at the start of each section and the haiku towards the end.

This work is one of six selected for submission alongside my PhD thesis. Many of the other works discussed in my thesis can be found through my website ( ) or Soundcloud (