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Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience - Exhibition at Gibside - Photographic documentation of Andrew Burton's Art Installation 'The Orangery Urns'

posted on 2021-01-14, 15:57 authored by Andrew Burton, Venda Pollock, Andrew Newman, Judith King, Rebecca FarleyRebecca Farley, Niki Black, Nick Cass

This folder includes images from MCAHE project depicting Andrew Burton's Art installation The Orangery Urns at The National Trust, Gibside.

Please read in conjunction with the Project Overview Metadata

Images of the installations at Gibside have to be credited to the artist Andrew Burton, and the respective photographer: either Colin Davidson or Andrew Burton (Please see file name)

The Orangery Urns
, sited within the walled garden and beneath Gibside’s famous avenue, took as its starting point a group of ornamental urns that once graced the balustrade of Mary Eleanor’s Orangery. During the period of Gibside’s decay in the mid-20th Century these were removed and re-sited at the Bowes-Lyons principal seat at Glamis Castle. Andrew’s work ‘returned’ the urns to Gibside, but by remaking them in a new form. His series of giant ceramic vessels were his response both to the story of Mary Eleanor and to the extraordinary sense of scale that is one of the features of Gibside. Some of these vessels were inscribed with texts taken from Mary Eleanor’s journals and those of her plant collector, William Patterson, while others contain sculptural elements that suggested episodes and characters from her life at Gibside.


Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience: Creation, Consumption and Exchange

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