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Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience - Exhibition at Belsay Hall - Photographic documentation of Susan Philipsz's Art Installation 'The Yellow Wallpaper '

posted on 2021-01-19, 14:08 authored by Susan Philipz, Andrew Burton, Venda Pollock, Andrew Newman, Judith King, Rebecca FarleyRebecca Farley, Nick Cass, Niki Black

This folder includes images from MCAHE project depicting Susan Philipsz's Art installation The Yellow Wallpaper at English Heritage site, Belsay Hall

Please read in conjunction with the Project Overview Metadata

Images of the installations at Belsay have to be credited to the artist Susan Philipsz, and the respective photographer: Colin Davidson (Please see file name)

With no objects or furniture to link place to people, fading patches of wallpaper in the bedrooms reminded Philipsz of the melancholic and haunting short
story, The Yellow Wallpaper (1892), written by nineteenth century humanist author, Charlotte Gilman Perkins. In her work for Belsay, Philipsz’s solitary and lilting voice curled through the empty upper rooms, coaxing the visitor to follow it – much like the hallucinogenic visions that seductively appear in the short story. The vocal works themselves were inspired by The Border Ballads, tales of love and death, usually told by a revenant (a person who has returned from the dead), which speak to Northumberland’s wild, violent and beautiful Borderland past.


Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience: Creation, Consumption and Exchange

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