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Laser Flash Photolysis Raw Data for Keggin_Sn_ POM-BODIPY Hybrids (molybdenum and tungsten).zip (6.29 MB)

ns Laser Flash Photolysis Raw Data for Keggin_Sn_ POM-BODIPY Hybrids (molybdenum and tungsten)

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posted on 2020-04-20, 09:07 authored by Elizabeth GibsonElizabeth Gibson

This note is to accompany laser flash photolysis raw datasets uploaded for compounds in the study pertaining to Kegging type polyoxometalate - bodipy hybrids in the presence of trifluoroacetic acid. Data was collected and analysed by Dr. Joshua Karlsson at Newcastle University (Energy Materials Laboratory, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences), United Kingdom.

To aid in navigating the large number of datasets, each experimental trace has a long filename containing all the important information about the experiment [compound ID, solvent, excitation wavelength, detection wavelength, number of averages, aerated or deoxygenated, and any additional notes]. Users may have to rename the files in order to open them due to the length of the filename. Any other important information about the experiment will be found in the manuscript of the accompanying paper.

Datasets are in duplicate. Files under the .dsx extension are raw data in the propietory format of the instrument (Applied Photophysics LKS-80). This data has been converted to .csv (comma-separated values) files so that the data can be interrogated using generic software. Data itself is formatted time (in seconds) versus change in absorption. Filenames with the .glb extension are for spectral kinetics, but these too have been converted to .csv files. Where spectral kinetics are collected (as indicated in the filename), there will be multiple columns for each detection wavelength in the same dataset.


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