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Transient absorption spectroscopy porphyrins and photocatalysts

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posted on 2020-01-02, 09:32 authored by Elisabetta BenazziElisabetta Benazzi

Nanosecond transient measurements were performed with a custom laser spectrometer comprised of a Brillian Quantel laser with frequency doubled (532 nm, 330 mJ) or tripled (355 nm, 160 mJ) option, an Applied Photophysics xenon light source including a mod. 720 150 W lamp housing, a mod. 620 power controlled lamp supply and a mod. 03- 102 arc lamp pulser. Laser excitation was provided at 90° with respect to the white light probe beam. Light transmitted by the sample was focused onto the entrance slit of a SpectraKinetic monochromator (Applied photophysics). Kinetic traces were processed by means of a Agilent digital oscilloscope. A typical pulse energy of 2 mJ cm−2 was used.

Zn and Sn refer to the metal centre

me = Ph-CO2Me subsituent

OH = Ph-CO2H

N = pyridyl

PH and POEt = Ph-PO(OEt)2

TEOA = 5% v/v triethanolamine added to 1:1 MeCN:H2O solution

cat = 10 equiv CoNMeim added

N+ = methyl pyridinium

structures are provided in the JPEG file.