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Supporting data p-type Dye Sensitised Solar Cells using Polyoxometalates

posted on 01.01.2017, 00:00 authored by Elizabeth GibsonElizabeth Gibson, F Black, C Wood
Lindqvist polyoxometalate (POM) additives increase VOC in p-type dye sensitized solar cells by up to 140%, producing substantial gains in overall efficiency for poorly matched dye/redox mediator combinations. For better dye/electrolyte combinations, these gains are typically outweighed by photocurrent losses. Charge lifetime and transient IR measurements show that this is due to retardation of both recombination and electron transfer to the mediator, combined with a positive shift in the valence band edge of NiO. The POMs also show their own, limited sensitizing effect. The solar cell charateristics, charge-lifetime data and transient IR spectra are provided.


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