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Silpa, S. et al. 2022 - Polarization and Spectral Index Data

posted on 27.06.2022, 09:58 authored by Christopher HarrisonChristopher Harrison

This dataset contains the Stokes I, Q, U images and spectral index maps (*_ap.fits, *_ap_Q.fits, *_ap_U.fits and *_alpha_blank.fits, respectively) of the 5 individual sources (type 2 quasars) presented in Silpa, S. et al. 2022, MNRAS, 513, 4208. In addition, there is a rotation measure image of J0945+1737 (J0945+1737.rm_blank.fits).

The details of how these maps were created from the raw datasets are described in the paper. The images are presented in .fits format and contain all of the standard meta-data in the header. 



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