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Reproducibility in Geophysics

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posted on 2022-11-18, 14:39 authored by Mark IrelandMark Ireland

The data here underpin the results presented in the article - "How reproducible is geophysical research? A review of the availability of code, software and data in journals", by Ireland et al.,

The reliability and repeatability of these methods is vital in maintaining the integrity of research findings and thereby avoiding the dissemination of unreliable results. In recent years there has been an increased attention on aspects of reproducibility, which includes data availability, across scientific disciplines. This review considers aspects of reproducibility of geophysical studies relating to their publication in peer reviewed journals. Specifically, it considers: 1) the extent to which reproducibility in geophysics is the focus of published literature; 2) journal policies on the requirements for providing code, software and data for submission and, 3) the availability of code, software and data associated for existing journal articles