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Questionnaire data from IPE-sim Study 1 and Study 2

posted on 2019-12-05, 10:25 authored by Bryan BurfordBryan Burford
Pre- and post-session questionnaire data. Questionnaires were administered to medical and nursing students immediately before and after a simulation session.

Published scales include:
19 item RIPLS scale (Parsell & Bligh 1999)
10 item 'identity strength' scale (Brown et al 1986)
4 item 'identity importance' scale (Luhtanen & Crocker 1992)
12 item identity scale (Cameron 2004)

Other variables are: which sim session - unique participant identifier
nurse.year - which year nursing students were in
uniprof.exp - how many previous uniprofessional sim session
interprof.exp - how many previous interprofessional sim session
num.participant - how many previous sim sessions as a participant
age - reported age
gender - reported gender
lead - whether medical student acted as lead (Study 1)
role - what role undertaken by medical students (Newcastle only, Study 2)
site - location of data collection (Study 2)


Brown R, Condor S, Mathews A, Wade G, Williams J. 1986. Explaining intergroup differentiation in an industrial organization. J Occ Psych. 59:273–286.

Cameron JE. 2004. A three-factor model of social identity. Self and Identity. 3:239–262.

Luhtanen R, Crocker J. 1992. A collective self-esteem scale: Self-evaluation of one's social identity. Pers Soc Psych Bull. 18:302–318.

Parsell G, Bligh J. 1999. The development of a questionnaire to assess the readiness of health care students for interprofessional learning (RIPLS). Med Educ. 33:95–100.


ASME/ASPiH joint small grant



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