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1_Contreras et al_2021_L'Aquila_10th anniversary after the 2009 earthquake_Twitter data_Polarity supervised classification_Sentiment Analysis.xlsx (481.91 kB)

Sentiment analysis (supervised polarity classification) of Twitter data about the 10th anniversary of the L'Aquila 2009 earthquake

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posted on 2022-04-07, 10:59 authored by Diana Contreras Mojica, Sean Wilkinson, Nipun Balan, Philip JamesPhilip James
This database contain the supervised classification of the tweets related to the 10th anniversary of the earthquake in L'Aquila according to their polarity for the assesment of the post-disaster recovery process. Tweets were collected by the third-party vendor: TweetBinder in the period from April 4th to 10th 2019, with the hashtag:#L'Aquila.


Learning from Earthquakes: Building Resilient Communities Through Earthquake Reconnaissance, Response and Recovery

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