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Newcastle Skeletal Muscle (NCL-SM): A Fully Annotated Dataset of Images from Human Skeletal Muscle Biopsies

Version 2 2023-11-28, 10:32
Version 1 2023-11-09, 11:56
posted on 2023-11-28, 10:32 authored by Atif KhanAtif Khan, Amy VincentAmy Vincent, Conor LawlessConor Lawless, Stephen McGough, Charlotte Warren, Valeria Di-Leo, Tiago Gomes

NCL-SM: a high quality bioimaging dataset of 46 human tissue sections from healthy control subjects and from patients with genetically diagnosed muscle pathology. These images include > 50k manually segmented muscle fibres (myofibres). In addition we also curated high quality myofibres and annotated reasons for rejecting low quality myofibres and regions in SM tissue images, making this data completely ready for downstream analysis