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MyPlace: Future Envisioning City Planners Workshop 18th March 2015 (Transcripts 2&6)

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by R Clarke, M Blythe, K Anderson, P Wright
The data is a verbatim transcript of mp3 audio data. The audio data was collected via 2 audio ÔZoomÕ recorders running concurrently on two tables where the workshop activities were taking place. It was collected to document how participants described their previous experiences of technology when collecting data about the city and feeding this back to local government planning and transport officers. Further audio data was also recorded when participants came up with their own designs for potential future technologies and presented them in the group. All mp3 audio files were uploaded to a secure encrypted University server and then uploaded to UKTranscription services online portal. On receiving the typed transcriptions, named researchers checked the data against the audio files. A narrative analysis was conducted across the audio data to create themes connected with the personal experiences of the older adults.


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