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MolMet Figure 8: Correlation of liver transcripts with phenotypic traits in the P446L mouse on the HFHSD.

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posted on 2023-04-19, 15:49 authored by Brian FordBrian Ford, Loranne AgiusLoranne Agius

A) Correlation of phenotypic traits with corresponding gene counts from the liver transcriptome for the P446L mouse (PP,LL, n=9/10) on the HSFSD showing:

(i) Blood glucose (BG) and blood insulin (BI) correlated negatively with genes induced by GK excess (Scl2a2, Slc25a47, Rgs16, G6pc, Rorc) in the hepatocyte transcriptome (Figure 2).

(ii) Blood glucose and insulin correlated positively with Hmgcr and other genes linked to cholesterol biosynthesis (Msmo1, Insig2, Cyp51a1) and negatively with genes linked to cholesterol excretion (Abcg5, Abcg8).

(iii) Inorganic phosphate (Pi) correlated negatively with G6pc;

(iv) Blood cholesterol (TC, HDL, LDL) correlated positively with Slc25a47 and Slc25a10 and negatively with Tm7sf2).


MICA: Exploring a new perspective on the mechanism of action of Glucokinase Activators in liver, a preclinical study

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