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MolMet Figure 4: Blood metabolites and liver transcriptome in the P446L mouse on regular diet.

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posted on 2023-04-19, 15:48 authored by Brian FordBrian Ford, Loranne AgiusLoranne Agius

A) Male mice aged 14 wk: body weight, free-feeding blood glucose, plasma insulin and plasma triglyceride; n=6-9. B) Female mice aged 14 wk: body weight; plasma triglycerides; liver triglycerides, n=15-17 and glucose tolerance, n=7,7.

C) Heat map of differentially expressed genes (DEGs, padjust < 0.05) in livers of male mice by LL genotype and the direction of the log fold change (LFC) of expression values.

D) Top pathways from the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis showing corresponding P value and Z scores.

E) Venn diagram showing numbers of common genes that are significantly differentially expressed (upregulation, red; down-regulation green) in male mice by LL genotype and are differentially expressed in female PP vs male PP mice.

F) Gene counts for P446L male and female mice for common genes from E).

G) Box plot of gene counts from RNA-sequencing for 12 Mup genes showing lower expression in male LL mice and in female PP and LL mice; n=4,4,5,5,(M-P, M-L, F-P, F-L).


MICA: Exploring a new perspective on the mechanism of action of Glucokinase Activators in liver, a preclinical study

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