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Microbial fuel cells with highly active aerobic biocathodes

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by EM Milner, D Popescu, T Curtis, IM Head, K Scott, E Yu
Various sets of data were collected for this work, falling into three major categories; 1.Electrochemical half-cell data obtained using potentiostats a.Chronoamperometry (CA) data recorded over time to give a measure of aerobic biocathodes performance (raw CA data processed using Excel) b.Cyclic voltammetry (CV) data recorded for the biocathode half-cells to give aerobic biocathode mechanistic information (raw CV data processed using Nova/Excel) 2.Community analysis sequence data for the aerobic biocathode biofilms recovered from the half-cells, allowing determination of bacterial community composition (raw ion torrent data was processed using QIIME. Fast Tree was used to process some of the sequence data from QIIME to produce a phylogenetic tree) 3.MFC polarisation curve data, recorded to assess MFC performance using different cathode types (raw voltage data processed using Excel)


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