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Mean Coral Cover 1979 to 2018 - for different reef zones at Sites A, B, and C.xlsx (19.78 kB)
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Mean Coral Cover 1979 - 2018 - different reef zones at Sites A, B and C

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posted on 2019-04-26, 13:25 authored by Barbara BrownBarbara Brown

These are measurements of mean percentage coral cover on transects in different reef zones at Sites A, B and C which are located on the SE tip of Phuket Thailand and described in detail in Brown et al (2011). At each site transects parallel to the shore were run along a line perpendicular to the shore which stretched from the shoreline to the reef edge. Each transect was 10m long and separated from each other by a distance of 10m. At Site A there are 12 transects across the reef, at Site B 17 transects and Site C 12 transects. In this spreadsheet mean percentage coral cover is given for the inner, mid and outer reef flat at these sites. At sites A and C transects 1-4 represent inner reef transects; transects 5-8 represent the mid reef and transects 9-12 the outer reef flat transects. At Site B transects 1-8 represent the inner reef, transects 9-14 the mid reef and transects 15-17 the outer reef flat.


Brown, B.E., Dunne, R.P., Phongsuwan, N., Somerfield, P.J. (2011) Increased sea level promotes coral cover on shallow reef flats in the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean. Coral Reefs 30:867-878



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