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Magnetic Resonance Imaging data evaluating a new paramagentically shifted molecular imaging agent in test objects and mice

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by JI Watson, D O’Hogain, R Maxwell, AM Blamire, PK Senanayake, NJ Rogers, KLNA Finney, P Harvey, AM Funk, D Parker
Data consists of magnetic resonance scans using 3D Gradient Echo (3DGE) imaging and 3D spectroscopic imaging (3D-MRSI) collected in test objects to demonstrate the ability to detect a signal directly from a contrast agent molecules (rather than detecting the agent by indirect through-space effects on the solvent). 3DGE data demonstrate direct imaging of the agent. MRSI acquisitions demonstrate spectroscopic detection allowing signal frequency to be measured (which is temperature dependent and hence allows the agent to be used as a temperature probe). Scans were collected in vivo in mice to show sensitivity in vivo.


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