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M.E. Jarvis et al. 2019: Radio Images, IFU cube and [O III] maps for J1338+1503

posted on 2020-11-19, 15:48 authored by Christopher HarrisonChristopher Harrison
This relates to: M.E. Jarvis et al. 2019, MNRAS, 485, 2710, "Prevalence of radio jets associated with galactic outflows and feedback from quasars". Available on the pre-print archive:

This contains:
- The Low Resolution ("LR") image from the Very Large Array (VLA) (see Table 3 and Section 3.1)
- The IFU data cube used (see Section 3.3)
- One file containing the four [O III] maps as four separate fits extensions (SNR, v50, W80 and A; see Section 4.2). Note the units for the v50 and W80 maps is angstroms.

The details of how the images, data cubes and maps were produced are in the paper. The data files also contain extensive meta-data in the header following the standard for astronomical images.



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