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Low temperature methane conversion via exsolved Co particles

posted on 2020-06-15, 08:04 authored by Kalliopi KousiKalliopi Kousi

Lowering the temperature at which CH4 is converted to useful products has been long-sought in energy conversion applications. Selective conversion to syngas is additionally desirable. Generally, most of the current CH4 activation processes operate at temperatures between 600 and 900 °C when non-noble metal systems are used. These temperatures can be even higher for redox processes where a gas phase-solid reaction must occur. Here we employ the endogenous-exsolution concept to create a perovskite oxide with surface and embedded metal nanoparticles able to activate methane at temperatures as low as 450 °C in a cyclic redox process. We achieve this by using a non-noble, Co-Ni-based system with tailored nano- and micro-structure. The materials designed and prepared in this study demonstrate long-term stability and resistance to deactivation mechanisms while still being selective when applied for chemical looping partial oxidation of methane.



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