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Lansbury et al. 2018: X-ray Observations of Teacup AGN

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posted on 2020-12-18, 14:35 authored by Christopher HarrisonChristopher Harrison
This dataset is a data release of the X-ray spectra (XMM and Chandra) and X-ray images (Chandra) presented in Lansbury et al. 2018, ApJ, 856, 1 of the Teacup AGN. Also available on the public pre-print archive:

Specifically contained in this tar file are:
- The three Chandra images (soft band, hard band and full band)
- The Chandra X-ray spectra (of the nucleus and the X-ray bubble)
- The XMM spectra (both MOS and PN).

Full details of these data products and how they were created are available in the published journal article.

The data formats follow astronomical standards and include comprehensive meta-data in the headers. The Chandra images use the universal fits format. The spectra are in a format suitable to be loaded into the X-ray analyses software XPSEC (

For convenience a script is included to load the spectra data into XPSEC: "spec_xspec.xcm". All the user needs to do (aside from installing XSPEC) is to load XSPEC and type “@spec_xspec.xcm”.



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