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Iron Phthalocyanine and MnOx composite catalysts for Microbial Fuel Cell applications

posted on 2015-01-01, 00:00 authored by R Burkitt, T Whiffen, EH Yu
The results of a slow potential scan experiment of GDC half cells with air cathodes supporting a catalytic layer of a certain catalyst in O2 saturated PBS. The results of Microbial Fuel Cell air cathodes during steady state operation and during polarisation with resistor substituion to produce a power curve in buffered wastewater medium. Baseline corrected XPS results for each catalyst with model peaks for photoemissions from Manganese and Iron, and specific Nitrogen chemical groups being taken from the literature and fit to the experimentally obtained data. Rotating Ring Disc Electrode studies of thin films of each catalyst in medium of O2 saturated Phosphate media. The results of cathodically polarising air cathodes which bear manganese dioxide and relating the data to solvated Mn2+ detected in the electrolyte after the experiment.


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