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Imaging mass cytometry data- OXPHOS complex profiling

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posted on 2021-03-03, 08:58 authored by Chun ChenChun Chen
This dataset contains the original log data generated from imaging mass cytometry on a cohort of post-mortem human midbrain section. This dataset were used to perform the profiling of the expression level of mitochondrial OXPHOS proteins. The cohort included idiopathic PD cases (n=9) and POLG cases (n=4), alongside individuals without neurological disease used as controls (n=10). The use of tissue sections adhered to the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) guidelines on the use of human tissue in medical research. The manuscript of this work is currently under minor correction with npj Parkinson's Disease (#NPJPARKD-00529).


The Micheal J. Fox Foundation (15707)

Wellcome Trust (203105/Z16/Z)



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