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High CO2 permeability in supported molten-salt membranes with highly dense and aligned pores produced by directional solidification

posted on 2021-04-16, 13:18 authored by Greg MutchGreg Mutch, Ian MetcalfeIan Metcalfe, Evangelos PapaioannouEvangelos Papaioannou, Paul ShearingPaul Shearing, Josh Bailey, Dan BrettDan Brett, Marisa L. Sanjuan, Rosa I. Merino
In this work, directional solidification was used to produce ceramic membrane supports with a highly dense array of low tortuosity pores. Molten salts were infiltrated into the pores and CO2 separation experiments performed.

Please see the README file for a description of the data.


Spanish Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad and Feder Funds (MAT2016-77769R and BES-2017-079683).

European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013)/ERC Grant Agreement Number 320725

EPSRC EP/M01486X/1

EPSRC EP/P007767/1

EPSRC EP/P009050/1

Royal Academy of Engineering (CiET1718/59)

The Faraday Institution (faraday.ac.uk; EP/ S003053/1)

Doctoral Prize Fellowship (EP/M50791X/1)

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

EPSRC EP/N032888/1