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Flooding and network dataset for Tyne and Wear

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by S Rodger, A Ford, C Robson, S Barr, R Dawson
The research aimed to apply transport modelling and hazard simulations, in order to quantify the flooding impact to urban network performance. Network and flooding modelling were effectively coupled, enabling the assessment of multiple extreme rainfall scenarios, and the benefits of potential adaptation interventions. The research related the magnitude of flooding events to network metrics such as betweenness centrality, providing helpful, rapid to assess, metrics to prioritise resilience investment. DTM and OS MasterMap were used as input for the flood model (CityCAT). ITN data were used for network analysis. DTM, OS MAsterMap and ITN are available under license from the Ordnance Survey UK. 2011 Census data were used in the trip-assignment model and are available from the Office for National Statistics, UK.


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