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Figure 1 source data

posted on 2024-02-27, 16:38 authored by Kevin WhitleyKevin Whitley, James Grimshaw, David M. Roberts, Eleni Karinou, Philip J. Stansfeld, Séamus Holden

This dataset is part of the 'Source data and representative raw data for "Peptidoglycan synthesis drives a single population of septal cell wall synthases during division in Bacillus subtilis"' collection. For a link to the related paper, study-level information and guide to the data, as well as viewing all other related research data, please visit the collection.

This data is associated with Figure 1 of the paper in Nature Microbiology. It contains videos of vertically trapped Bacillus subtilis cells expressing fluorescent proteins FtsZ and PBP2B, showing single-molecule tracking of the latter around the division ring. It also contains data from further down the processing and analysis pipeline from the same videos.

220303_slide2_5_MMStack_Default_ring34.ome corresponds to Fig. 1b, left panels.

220309_6_MMStack_Default_ring5.ome corresponds to Fig. 1b, right panels.

220316_5_MMStack_Default_561_denoise.ome_ring15 corresponds to Fig. 1c, top kymograph.

220316_5_MMStack_Default_561_denoise.ome_ring14 corresponds to Fig. 1c, bottom kymograph.

220412_slide2_6_MMStack_Default_561_denoise.ome_ring11 corresponds to Fig. 1d, top kymograph.

220414_4_MMStack_Default_561_denoise.ome_ring3 corresponds to Fig. 1d, bottom kymograph.

220809_sh147_phmm_30c_vercini_fosfomycin_slide2_006_561_denoise_ring1 corresponds to Fig. 1e, top kymograph.

220809_sh147_phmm_30c_vercini_fosfomycin_slide2_001_561_denoise_ring8 corresponds to Fig. 1e, bottom kymograph.

230613_sh147_speeds_phmm30_gauss_2nmsbin and 230605_sh147_speeds_phmm30_logscale correspond to Fig. 1f.

230614_sh147_phmm30_penG_2foldedgauss_2nmsbin and 230605_sh147_speeds_phmm30_penG_logscale correspond to Fig. 1g.

230614_sh147_phmm30_fosfomycin_2foldedgauss_2nmsbin and 230605_sh147_speeds_phmm30_fos_logscale correspond to Fig. 1h.

Whitley_2024_Fig1_SourceData contains all the data used to produce histograms in Fig. 1f, 1g, and 1h.


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