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False vacuum decay in an ultracold spin-1 Bose gas

posted on 2022-03-17, 14:08 authored by Kate BrownKate Brown, Ian Moss, Thomas BillamThomas Billam
Figure 4 data:
Each panel shows cos(phi(x,t)) for a different random seed:
x data: x.dat (length(x) = 601)
t data: t.dat (length(t) = 16001)
cos(phi):( 16001 rows, 601 columns.
-Each row r contains cos(phi(x, t_r))
-Each column c contains cos(phi(x_c, t))
Top left panel: lam1p70_eps0p05_rhoxi20_cos_phi1_0002.dat
Top right panel: lam1p70_eps0p05_rhoxi20_cos_phi1_0007.dat
Bottom left panel: lam1p70_eps0p05_rhoxi20_cos_phi1_0006.dat
Bottom right panel: lam1p70_eps0p05_rhoxi20_cos_phi1_0011.dat

Figure 5 data:
Left Panel (Li):
* Markers with error bars: 7Li_Gamma_vs_rhoxi.csv
Col1: rho*xi
Co12: Gamma
Col3: error bar
* Dotted line (instanton fit): 7Li_Gamma_vs_rhoxi_fit.csv
Col1: rho*xi
Col2: Gamma
Right Panel (K):
* Markers with error bars: 41K_Gamma_vs_rhoxi.csv
Col1: rho*xi
Co12: Gamma
Col3: error bar
* Dotted line (instanton fit): 41K_Gamma_vs_rhoxi_fit.csv
Col1: rho*xi
Col2: Gamma


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