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Experimental (non camera) data: Interactions between Internal Solitary Waves and Sea Ice

posted on 2023-09-18, 12:42 authored by Samuel Hartharn-EvansSamuel Hartharn-Evans, Marek Stastna, Magda Carr

Data Description

This data record contains a zip folder for each experiment presented in the study, which is considered alongside raw camera images, initially in .dfm/.dfi DigiFlow movie/image formats, available within this collection as .avi movie files. Where available the zip folders contain:

Probe data:

  • Probes_######.csv (or ####.csv) : Raw probe data
  • ProbeParse.m or ProbeParse_v2.m : Matlab script to pass and record probe metadata (reliant on probe_read.m script available elsewhere in this collection).
  • ProbeData.mat : Matlab structure containing raw and processed probe data, alongside relevant metadata.
  • ProbeData.png : Image of density profile

Other data:

  • df.conf : text file containing experimental parameters/metadata
  • Divided between cameras for each folder, DigiFlow_Status.dfs file containing the World Coordinate System, alongside the wcs_first_cut.dfi reference image for the World Coordinate System. And, piv_ts.dfi an uncompressed DigiFlow Image format file containing vertical timeseries of velocity and vorticity computed by the PIV method.
  • DJL.mat : DJL solution for the experiment, tuned by the amplitude
  • ptv_tracks_compiled.mat : Matlab structure containing the float location and velocity data, and where applicable other outputs of DigiFlow's PTV algorithm, and where relevant compiled from multiple cameras, and particle manually condensed into tracks per individual float.


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