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Electrochemical data supporting the article "Evaluation of Porous Carbon Felt as an Aerobic Biocathode Support in terms of Hydrogen Peroxide Formation"

posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by E Milner, K Scott, I Head, T Curtis, E Yu
Two different carbon felt supports, one treated with nitric acid, the other untreated, were characterized electrochemically through a series of chronoamperometry (CA) experiments using a novel 4-electrode electrochemical setup, in order to determine the potential at which peroxide is initially formed on porous carbon felt. The measurements were recorded using a potentiostat (Autolab PGSTAT302, Metrohm, UK). Raw PWE and SSE data were smoothed using a Savitky-Golay filter, and average data with error bars (SD) for two experimental runs normalised to the electrode area were plotted. The SSE data were then modelled mathematically. Additionally, two bioelectrochemical half-cells poised at -0.2 and -0.1 V were setup in order to study biocathode formation. Raw CA and CV are provided for these two half-cells. Raw CA data were recorded using a potentiostat (Whistonbrook Technologies). Raw CV data for the two half-cells were recorded using a potentiostat (Autolab PGSTAT302, Metrohm, UK).


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