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Electrical I-V and materials analysis data for IMF and CMF contacts

posted on 01.01.2017, 00:00 authored by S Ganti, P King, M Heikkila, B Murdoch, E Arac, K Dawson
Fig.2 - Moderately doped n-Ge and p-Ge were used. Data compares IMF and CMF contact I-V curves (magnitudes), Fig.3 - Material studies : HRSEM, TEM, XRD data, Phi scan data, Fig.4 - Theta probe electron emission data, Fig.5 - Cryogenic I-V data on low doped n- and p-Ge (4.2 K) using IMF and CMF contacts. Includes Room temperature I-V data, Fig. S1 - Low energy HRSEM of IMF, Fig. S2 - EFTEM to show Cr encapsulation, Fig. S3 - EBSD to show orientation relationships, including Ge substrate reference scans


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