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Database of children's therapy services in the UK v1

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posted on 2020-05-06, 13:13 authored by Samantha ArmitageSamantha Armitage, Niina KolehmainenNiina Kolehmainen, Elaine McColl, Tim RapleyTim Rapley

An absence of data about children's therapy services nationally is a major barrier to advancing children's allied health research, generalising current research to large scale populations and implementation of evidence-based practice and health and social care policy in the UK.

To address this problem, a national questionnaire survey of children's therapy services was conducted and publicly available data sources i.e. NHS Digital datasets, NHS organisation websites and annual Trust reports reviewed to capture key characteristics of children’s community and outpatient NHS occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy services across the UK.

The current database of 144 children’s NHS therapy services and their key characteristics is the first of its kind and begins to map the context of children’s therapy in the UK. To help us evaluate the impact and use of the database and develop the database further, please tell us about how you are using the data:


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