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Data on carrot intake (measured directly or as intake or plasma/serum concentration of alpha-carotene) and cancer incidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies

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posted on 2024-01-19, 10:51 authored by Charles Ojobor, Gerard M. O'Brien, Mario Siervo, Chibueze OgbonnayaChibueze Ogbonnaya, Kirsten BrandtKirsten Brandt

These data are the background data for the pre-print of the publication 'Carrot intake is consistently negatively associated with cancer incidence: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective observational studies'.

The files contain the data used in the meta-analysis, which corresponds to the pre-print and are also used in subsequent published version(s).

Updated versions of the files correspond to changes during the review and editing process.

One file is the initally extracted data, called 'STUDY COMPREHENSIVE DATA ENTRY SHEET', it contains all the data extracted from each publication.

The other file, called 'FULL DATASET ANALYSED' shows the data that were selected for each analysis and some of the subgroup analyses. In some cases, the total number of data points were different for a subgroup analysis than for the main analysis; this reflected situations where some studies were stratified, e.g. reporting different types of cancer, but representing only one geographical region.

These files supplement the publication and its supplementary data file (also included in the pre-print version) to provide all the relevant data for this study.

Method description is in the publication:, and the pre-print:


Ojobor: TETFund, Nigeria, PhD scholarship 2019-2021

Brandt: AHDB, United Kingdom, project grant # FV 420, 2013-2016


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