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Data from: Fingering convection in the stably-stratified layer of planetary cores

posted on 2022-09-26, 10:06 authored by Celine GuervillyCeline Guervilly

Supporting data for the paper "Fingering convection in the stably-stratified layer of planetary cores" submitted to JGR: Planets. 

The deposit includes the key post-processed data: 

  • input parameters and time-averaged output values; 
  • time series of the kinetic energy for the cases Ek=1e-5, Rac=2e7, Rat=-Rac/3 and Ek=1e-5, Rac=1.2e9, Rat=-Rac/3 (simulation with all non-linearities included and without the u grad u term); 
  • radial profiles of the zonal flow for Ek=1e-5, Rac=2e9 and Rat=-Rac/3;
  • radial profiles of the transport fluxes for Ek=1e-5, Rat=-Rac/3, Rac=1.2e8 and Rac=2e9; 
  • kinetic energy spectra for the cases with Ek=1e-5 and Rat=-Rac/3 (radially averaged) and for Rac=8e8 at all radius. 


A new model of the geodynamo: large-scale vortices in the Earth's core

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