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Data for the paper "Hoarding titmice use predominantly familiarity, not recollection, when remembering cache locations", by Tom Smulders et al.

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posted on 2023-05-10, 10:10 authored by Jennifer ReadJennifer Read, Tom SmuldersTom Smulders

Data describing the ability of coal tits (Periparus ater) to retrieve seeds previously cached,

For comparison, also data for the performance of humans on a comparable task.

Human data is used to validate a novel method for obtaining ROC curves based on the order in which judgments are made (compared with a gold-standard method based on self-reported confidence). Coal tit data is then analysed using this novel method.

Data are provided as csv or Excel files. Analysis code is available separately.

Note - due to licensing issues, we have to upload data and code separately, which means the necessary structure has been lost. To recreate our analysis, I suggest you first download the analysis code, then place all the contents of this zip file in a folder "Data" in the same location. The relative paths should then all work correctly. In a nutshell, you want the top-level folder to have subfolders Data, AnalysisCode,Fits and Graphs.