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posted on 2020-09-23, 13:47 authored by Paniz IzadiPaniz Izadi, Jean-Marie. Fontmorin, Alexiane Godain, Eileen YuEileen Yu, Ian HeadIan Head
The dataset includes the data of the figures in the scientific paper
The datafile includes the data obtained from the study focusing on the formation of a highly conductive biofilm, able to convert carbon dioxide to organic compounds in bio-electrochemical system through microbial electrosynthesis, which is used in the paper with the title of "Parameters influencing the development of highly conductive and efficient biofilm during microbial electrosynthesis: the importance of applied potential and inorganic carbon source"currently in press in npj biofilms and microbiomes.


EPSRC LifesCO2R project (EP/N009746/1)


NERC MeteoRR (NE/L014246/1)

NBIC 002POC19034

SAgE DTA, cohort 2015, Newcastle university